My Life

Tiered, tiered, tiered


This is how I have felt this week. After a very nice (but way too short) weekend, this week has been filled with football. After the dinner at Milestii Mici on Monday, I met up with some Austrians and others to watch Austria-Germany play. Tuesday, it was Romania against the Netherlands, and Wednesday the sad, sad match with Sweden against Russia. As we are one hour ahead of CET, I have not gotten home before midnight a single day this week. I am tired from football though not tired of football. I love the large football championships! Here in Chisinau, they have put up large screens in front of the opera, right next to the presidential palace, with stands selling beer and tables for people to sit and watch. Work has been ok, though, but since I have been so tired after the late evenings, my productivity has decreased with probably two thirds and so I have had to stay late anyway. Thursday, we got a few hours to complement an application that we had turned in for a fund, which of course messed up my schedule for the day. Since I already had another deadline for the day, I ended up staying in the office until past 9:30. But I have been given some nice feedback these past days from several persons, so I have gotten some renewed motivation.

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