Moving Back to Sweden?

Believe it or not, but I have actually made the decision to move back to Sweden for a while if I am not offered the contract that I want here by the end of the year. (My contract situation is a long story and I won’t write about it here.) I don’t take what has happened personally, but I have also come to the conclusion that I do not like living in DC enough that it is worth any type of contract. Especially not a contract that I could do part of from Stockholm, where I have my friends and family and a much cheaper apartment. So I have decided that if the situation remains the same over the next few months, I will quit my apartment here and go back to Sweden for a while. I hope to do some part-time work for a while and focus on my studies, and perhaps travel a bit before I start looking for a new job again. A mid-term plan is to perhaps do a PhD, unless something more exciting comes up. It is a little weird not knowing what comes next because I have always been so focused, but I guess life sometimes is like that?

Stockholm when I was visiting last DecemberStockholm, December 2009

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