Longing for Spring?

Washington has great weather and it hasn’t been cold at all this winter. At least not for someone from Sweden! Still, I long for spring and summer as always. A lot, I realized the other day when I all of a sudden craved pasta with pesto and tomatoes and a lemon beverage. It’s something I love having for lunch or dinner in late spring, and that really connect with the first signs of summer.  But since our contemporary food systems allow us to eat almost anything we want all year around, I actually picked it up on the store the next day (although I resisted the temptation of buying tulips, which is a symbolic spring flower in Europe). Fortunately, today is Groundhog Day (an originally Northern European tradition that seems to have been kept alive in the U.S., mainly in Pennsylvania), and when the weather is grey as it was today, it means that spring is under way. (With a sunny Groundhog Day, spring will apparently wait another six weeks, source Wikipedia.) So even though light snow is falling outside my window right now, I’m getting ready for spring!


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