In New York At Last!

Finally a New Yorker! Well, at least for a month. Therese and I decided a while back that if we can’t live here permanently, we can at least pretend to do so for the summer. I came up Thursday afternoon to attend a conference on Global Obesity yesterday, and am since just enjoying the atmosphere. I have no real plans for the next weeks except to work on my M.Sc. dissertation, write on my book, and try to acquire some of the New York attitude (though add a nice touch to it). However, after only two days here, I have already managed to tick off quite a few of the NY experience musts:

• Asian manicure at 9 pm – CHECK!
• Conference at the now infamous Sofitel Hotel – CHECK!
• Getting lost in the subway, adding 30 min to the trip – CHECK!
• Keys to a brownstone apartment in brooklyn – CHECK!
• Party at roof terrace in East Village – CHECK!
• Seeing a humongous rat in the subway – CHECK!
• Having lox bagel and coffee breakfast in Central Park – CHECK!

Therese will be here on Monday – can’t wait to see her!

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