I ❤️ Crispbread

Since it was Sweden’s National Day this week, I thought I’d share with you possibly the most Swedish snack: crispbread. Cheap, non-perishable, and healthy, they are a staple in Swedish households. Originally round and with a hole in the center so that they could be hung above the fire to dry, these days, they come in many of different shapes in Sweden. Abroad, the brands Wasa and Leksands have found their way into most supermarkets and cost about 2-3 dollars a package with about 25-30 crackers in each package. They are also packaged neatly into paper-only packages, so no plastic or mixed materials, and little waste.

However, the reason I stick with them is the ingredients they are made of: various combinations of wholegrain rye flour, regular rye four, yeast, and salt. That’s it! A rarity these days when the list of ingredients in breads look more like a list of a chemical experiment. And while filling, every cracker is about 30-60 kcal. I have them for breakfast in the weekend, or with soup or a piece of fish like salmon or herring, for lunch or in the evening. Here is what they can look like chez moi:

Wasa Crispbread

Wasa Crispbread

Happy Swedish National Day! Creme cheese on Wasa Sourdough, White Rye and Hearty. Toppings: cucumbers, lettuce, avocado, an egg, or strawberry puree.  

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