Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! After over two weeks in Skopje and three days in England, I am now at an airport in Germany, ready to board the flight back to DC.  My head is filled with impressions and information that over the next weeks will be converted into papers and proposals for work and academia. I am a little tired, three weeks of travels and meetings draw quite a bit of energy, but I am also content and feel like these three weeks have resulted in major leaps forward. I look forward to putting it all down on paper and further researching a number of interesting topics that have come up during my trip. But first half an Easter Weekend in Washington, which I intend to celebrate in my own apartment with Easter chocolate from England. Home sweet home!

Easter spirit with colored eggs in one of the lounges at the Munich airport! 

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  1. Glad påsk rara! Vädret ser lovande ut för dagen men blir något kallare i veckan. Men Washington har blivit grönt under tiden jag har varit borta, så sommaren är i sikte i år med!

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