Close But Too Far Away to See

Back again after a few very cold hours waiting for the parade. Today they had closed down Pennsylvania Avenue and did only open the entrance for a few minutes to let a very small number of people in, at least where we were on 14th St. Not very impressive! In the end we decided to give up and warm up in a café instead. I know, a bit lame, but we really couldn’t see anything. (Was there with a colleague and his friend)


It will be interesting to see how it looks on TV though, because I think that most of these arrangements have been organized more as TV events rather than for a live audience. I feel a bit sorry for all those that have travelled far to get here for this weekend and who haven’t been able to see much of what was going on. But for me personally, it has just been fantastic to be here in Washington these days. The streets in the centre have been closed for traffic and instead crowded with people, everyone in good spirit. There have been spontaneous performances in the street corners, many people have been carrying signs with political messages, and others have been selling things on the sidewalks. The city has simply been wonderfully alive!


14th Street

Waiting to enter Pennsylvania Avenue


Two guys had a very nice view and made the most of it!


Me waiting in vane to get in.

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