A Connection Point

A good thing with both New York and Washington is that so many people that I know pass through at one point or another. As some of you know, I have several friends and acquaintances from Rome and Chisinau that now live in here in NY and in DC. Not so surprising perhaps with all the International Organizations that are located in respective city, but comforting nevertheless for someone who moves around a lot to not always have to leave people for good when relocating to a new place.

But both cities are also good because people fly through or come for shorter stays like holiday or training. Today, I met up with a friend from Moldova whom I hadn’t seen in five years. Kristine was on her way back home after a few weeks stay in Russia and with a few days stop here in NY, we had a chance to meet up. It was great seeing her again and I hope it won’t be another five years until next time we meet!


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  1. I am very lucky that I had a chance to see you. I did go back to eat lunch in Bryant Park and hear the rest of FREE Broadway in the park. Hot but lovely.

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