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I’ve forgot to tell you about my friend’s super interesting blog. (Or maybe I have subconsciously ignored it because I am afraid that you will realize how unadventurous my life really is and stop reading my blog if you find out about this other blog!) My friend is living in Juba in South Sudan since a few months and is blogging from there. There are probably few places that are less visible on the tourist map and less written about in the Western media than Juba (no starving refugees in camps, no articles!), so if you are interested in learning more about the place, check out Undefinedjourney. Also, we who work in the development sector are sometimes blamed for being too privileged considering what we work for and though I know that this in many ways is true, this blog describes fairly well how it is to work as a foreigner in what is classified as a non-family duty station. The only negative aspect about the blog is that it makes me feel like I have ended up in Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road and that it makes me completely restless! Perhaps it really is time for me to pack up my now perfect Martha Stewart home and go out in the world again!?

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