On Work in Bucharest

I am in Bucharest now since about a week on a very interesting mission for two agricultural projects. This is the first time that I work on these projects, and so it has been quite an intensive week for me (though I am learning a lot, especially about the EU CAP). I also had a lot of work right before leaving, which is why I have not updated my blog in a while. 

But it is nice to be back in the region! When I am not working, I enjoy practicing my Romanian and eating familiar food. I have not had a chance to really walk around in Bucharest though, because I have had too much writing to do when I am not in meetings. Tomorrow, we are going to visit an institute and a few projects around Brasov up in Transylvania so I hope to take some picutures then a write a little more then.

I am running to a meeting now with some incoming team members now – I hope I will have a chance to write something soon again (and I promise to make an effort to be a little more interesting…)

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