Going to Cuba!! 

I’m on my way to Cuba! It’s another trip on my bucket list and it has been a dream of mine for many years to see Havana and the rest of the island before it changes too much. And even though I like to travel alone, I really wanted to share the Cuba experience together with someone! Luckily,  I found someone who is as eager as I am to go there in my friend Andreas! We got to know each other when we both lived in Chisinau, Moldova, many years ago, and have since traveled together to places like Odessa and Jura. So a perfect travel companion for this trip!

We have booked Airbnbs in Havana and on the southern side of Cuba, and will be away for over a week. I expect that I will have little access to internet in this period but I will update with lots and lots of pictures when I get back. See you then!!

packing cuba

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