Finally Off (Though Not Very Organized)

So Jonas and I are finally at BWI (the low-cost flight airport outside Baltimore), waiting for our flight to Phoenix. This trip is not my most organized. The more I travel, the more lax I get about my travel plans. I got these flight tickets Sunday, and today, we got the train tickets for the airport, the rental car in Phoenix, and a hotel room for tonight. We haven’t even gotten the tickets for our return flight from LA yet, mainly because we haven’t decided exactly what day we will fly back. Past traveling has taught me that things normally work out, even without booked tickets and accommodation, and the U.S. is not exactly the most challenging country I have traveled in. Besides, it’s a very nice feeling not to have everything planned when on vacation, especially not on a road trip. Am very excited about these next days – can’t believe I will finally get to see the Grand Canyon tomorrow!!


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