Bosnia and Herzegovina

I really must have the best job in the world. Or one of the best anyway. Not that the travelling is fun all the time. Days filled with meetings in ministries and other institutions followed by late evenings in the office to catch up on work in other projects, and then going back to business hotels that look the same wherever I go, is as glamorous as it sounds. But then, there are these small breaks between meetings, when I end up at an outdoor café, preparing for the next meeting and at the same time looking at everyday life in the new country that I am in. And then there are the field trips, when I go out in the country side to meet with farmers and processors. Meetings that take place in the middle of a field or in a barn, or during a tour of a processing plant. It often ends with something to eat, and if not, there is a lunch stop at some local food serving where the food is simple but of excellent taste due to freshly provided ingredients from local producers.

The trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina was no exception. After dedicating the beginning of the week to in-town meetings, I had the opportunity to see more of the country on Wednesday that week when we drove down to Mostar and Ljubuski. The main purpose was to meet with a couple of farmers’ associations and rural entrepreneurs to hear their views on obstacles and possibilities in the agricultural sector. Even though we did not meet at a farm, they still wanted to show me fields, so I got a bit of a tour around the region. It was beautiful, and I was very impressed with the initiatives. You can check them out here on their websites: ECO Line and STAP.

The famous bridge in Mostar


The rest of the week, I had more interesting meetings in Sarajevo with work lunches in between at nice out-door café, and a meeting with a consultant who worked with us here over a light dinner. Though the days are long, it sometimes strike me as surprising that I actually get paid for this. Especially since the report writing that comes with these trips is easy and stimulating after all the impressions that I have gathered.

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