Beaufort and Southport

After a lovely two-hour ferry ride (so nice to be out on open water!), we drove down to the little coastal town of Beaufort. We had no idea where to stay so we just drove down to the historic quarters and asked for a room at the first inn that we saw. It was a beautiful colonial house from the 1760s. We got a small suite in the attic called the Captain’s Quarters (perfect!), and I slept so well. Apparently, Cedar’s Inn is famous for its restaurant but we ended up going down to a place in the harbor just to look around a bit. The morning after, we took a stroll around town and it was incredibly charming. Small Southern-style houses with the double verandas. Several of the locals also recommended us to stop by Southport on the way down to Savannah, and the guy at the inn even recommended a place to eat: The Provision Company. So we did as they said and had a very nice lunch in a charming little town that we otherwise never would have found. I can really recommend both Beaufort and Southport for anyone who is in the area, and definitely a night at Cedar’s Inn!









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