An Almost Adventure in Yosemite

Again, we didn’t plan our road trip very well and at one point we almost paid for it. The lack of planning meant that we didn’t make hotel reservations in advance, but instead had the idea that we would stop for the night where we wanted to. Which turned out to be a mistake around Yosemite National Park. We drove from town to town only to be met by the message that every hotel, motell, and inn in town were fully booked. We drove deeper and deeper into the forest without finding anything, and eventually we decided to just sleep in the car. The jeep the rental care dealer had convinced us to upgrade to a few days earlier was all of a sudden very useful. Sleeping bags and some food could have been nice, but it was wonderful to look up at the stars through the windows and to smell the forest while falling asleep in complete silence. So camping out in the woods turned out to be a lot better than staying at a hotel! In the morning, we watched the sun rise over the treetops before we found a place (The River Restaurant and Lounge) that served breakfast on a terrace right next to a mountain stream. We did, however, book all our hotels in advance after that.

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