Another Airport

I realized I’ve written a lot on airports lately. Here is from a somewhat smaller one than that of Frankfurt: at Blantyre Airport while waiting for passengers and luggage to be offloaded on my way from Johannesburg to Lilongwe the other day. I prefer smaller airports to bigger, mainly because they are faster and there is less logistics involved. Best of all is when they allow you to walk to and from the plane on foot, and you don’t have to take a little bus.

Blantyre Airport

Since I’ve mainly travelled in Europe before, I wasn’t so used to it, but it’s really common for flights in Sub-Saharan Africa to do routes between three cities, rather than just connecting two, which means stops on the way if you’re not luck enough to get off on the first stop. 

Airport Lounges

I spend way too much time at airports and a substantial part of that in lounges. Having travelled so much that I am now in possession of a Star Alliance Gold Card, I have access to the so called Senators Lounges. In my experience, they are essentially the same as the Business Lounges but I guess it’s a way of making their regulars feel special and possibly give the others something to strive for through a nonsense differentiation. I can also add that there are about 80 percent men in the Senators’ Lounges compared while more or less gender parity in the Business Lounges. (At Arlanda Airport, the SAS gold level lounge actually has two restrooms for men and only one for women!) Anyway, the fun part about these lounges is that I quite frequently run into people I know. Just now, I ran into two colleagues here in the lounge in Frankfurt who were going in the opposite direction. It was nice to have a chat and to catch up before they headed back to DC but it makes the world seem rather small!

Frankfurt Airport Lounge I got this cute little special edition Moleskin note book on my flight over. Perfect for travel notes!