My Travel Essentials in Enterprise Magazine

I basically only follow more or less professional photographers on Instagram. Or they are kind of professional travelers. Or both. By being able to follow so many talented people so easily, I’m learning a lot both about photography and about different places around the world. (One of the most fascinating Instagrammer, @drewkelly, who I follow teaches English in North Korea – super interesting to see his pictures from Pyongyang.) Because many of them have so many followers, they are often involved in competitions and arranging photo themes, etc. So when one of them announced that Enterprise Magasine (@enterpriseuk) had a competition on personal travel essentials under the tag #openroadessentials, I decided to join. I didn’t win but they did post my photo on their website with a flattering comment on why they picked it. And here is my IG pic; check my account for the caption on why these things are in my bag when I go on the road for my work.

Open Road Essentials

Soon I’m off again, and there will be plenty of time on bumpy roads.

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