Three Years as Washingtonienne

Today it is exactly three years since I moved here to Washington DC. The day after I arrived at Dulles International Airport, I was settled in my new office and saw Obama win the historic 2008 election. A day or so later I was introduced to Mr. M, and a week and a half after that, I got the keys to my apartment. And after that, things have just kept moving. I sometimes think that my life is a little slow here, but when I think about all the things I have done since I moved here, how much I have learned, all the places I have seen, all the people I have gotten to know, and everyone that has come to visit me here, I realize that I have kept quite busy. (I am not going to do a recap because everything, or almost everything anyway, is in the blog archive.) I seriously considered leaving at one point, but in the end I decided to stay, and now the U.S. is by far the country where I have lived the longest. So for how long do I think I will stay here? Well, I have no plans at this point, at least not in this regard. Right now it feels best to just take things as they come!

On Capitol Hill

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