The Rest of the Week

The rest of my days in Chisinau were spent on work and seeing friends. Felt like I mostly run around all the time, but it was great to see everyone and it was a real kick to be closer to the client and our stakeholders; Washington does feel far away at times.


Dinner with Felicia at Pani Pit


Hanging out with Ghenadie


Dinner with Valeriu, Doina, and Liliana at old Admiral (can’t

remember the new name). We laughed the entire evening and it felt

like I haven’t done that in a while – I guess it is easier to laugh with

peole you know well!? 



I brought a bunch of gifts over (everyone who knows me knows that I love buying gifts), but I also got a lot of gifts – so nice!!! Felicia gave me a CD with her sister, Mariana Izman, who is an award winning pianist. It is a beautiful CD and very peaceful, so I can really recommend it if you come across it. (You can listen to some of her performances here.) Iuliana gave me a box of delicious chocolate from Moldova’s chocolate factory Bucuria, and Liliana managed to get me a signed CD from Lilian in the Snails (though I have to admit that I asked for it since Liliana knows him through work). Thank you all for the gifts!!!


On my way to get souvenirs at the old Soviet department store, UNIC

(though only gifts for myself – some Moldovan decoration for my Washington apartment).


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