The Best Evening of Every Other Week

I have the best work schedule! Or perhaps not when I am out traveling for four weeks in a row, but when I am in DC. We have something called alternative work schedule, which means that I work for nine hours (minimum) for nine days and then I have every other Friday off. So every other Thursday evening when I come home after work, I know that I have three whole days away form the office before me. It is a lovely feeling! I do have to do quite a bit of work that I need to do this weekend, but just the feeling of not having to wake up early, to not have to freeze all day because insane air-conditioning, and to be able to wear whatever! So now I am vegging out in my sofa, watching TV and eating Dumlekolor. It is my favorite candy so Julia and Eva-Marie brought three 350 gram bags. I.e., they will last a while… What I am going to do this weekend except for work? I don’t really have any plans for now. And actually, right now a bag of Dumlekolor and a few days off feels like all I need!

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