Sunday Routine

One of my favorite part of the weekend is obviously my ballet class in Silver Spring, MD, about 25 min bus ride from me. It’s not just the class itself, but also the bus ride, which gives me 25 min just for reading. Then, when I get up there, I normally pass by Starbucks for my morning coffee. And after class, there is an empty studio so there is time to properly stretch through every muscle before the new week. It’s a perfect first half of the last day of the weekend!

Otherwise, this weekend has entailed a lot of work, because June is the month when I have most deadlines for the things I’ve worked on this year. I did, however, have time to meet Swedish Monika for dinner at Kramerbooks & Afterwords on Friday, and later today, I’ll be singing with the Swedish Song Group and the Swedish Residence where we DC-Swedes will be celebrating our National Day (which was June 6). So not the most adventurous weekend perhaps, but quite nice nevertheless!


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  1. Hi
    Vore roligt om vi kan ses en lunch eller fika under tiden du är i Sockholm. Hör gärna av dig. Fantastiskt att resa runt i södra USA. Spännande Lycka till Kram Eva-Marie

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