Sightseeing in DC

Towards the end of the week, I did get getter and was able to join Caroline and Martin when they went to see some of the sights around DC. One evening, we had drinks and dinner in Georgetown and were sitting at a bar down by the river for a while, watching private parties on oversized motorboats. Having grown up on the sea, I have difficulties seeing the charm with these boats, on which you are nowhere near the water and where it seems almost impossible to appreciate the nature around you since you are almost always behind windows. And if you necessarily have to have one, why put it in the Potomac river??

September 2009 008September 2009 007  

September 2009 006

Another day, we went over to the Congress and the Supreme Court. It was actually the first time I was up on Capitol Hill and the  first time I saw the Supreme Court. It is funny how you picture things when you see them on TV and in movies: Before coming here, I thought the White House would be bigger than it is. On the other hand, the Congress was much bigger than I had pictured it, and now the Supreme Court was much smaller than I thought it would be.


September 2009 028  September 2009 035

The Supreme Court and the Congress dome.

September 2009 037 September 2009 044

Caroline and Martin with the Mall and Washington Monument in the background, and me in front of the Congress.

Later, we met up with Martin (Mr. M) at the Zoo, where I introduced everyone to Dippin Dots – one of the amazing things that this country has invented! (It is ice cream drops frozen at a very low temperature.)

September 2009 052

(Maria – nu kan du se min nya väska ovan!)

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