New York Afterthoughts

I am back in Washington DC since a few days, and it is difficult to believe that I just spent a whole month up in New York. Time passed so quickly. Too quickly! I really loved my routine up there, with studies at the Mid-Manhattan Library on 42nd and 5th, lunches in Bryant Park, ballet classes for Finis Jhung at the Ailey Extension, weekend brunches at Dizzy’s, and drinks at local outdoor bars. It was also so nice to have Tesse here in the U.S. for such long time and that so many of my friends (some which I hadn’t seen in years) passed through New York while I was there.

I wrote a little less on my book than I though I would, went to fewer museums than I had planned, shopped less than I ever thought possible in New York, and spent a lot less time with my favorite Brooklynite than I had hoped. On the other hand, I took the time to just take in everything around me in this amazing city, to spend quality time with my close friends, and to get energized and inspired to do new things. Slowly but surely, I started writing more on my book, sketching on new ideas, and making new plans for this fall. While not immediately deviating from my usual New York favorites, little by little, I started exploring new areas and finding new places on Manhattan and in Brooklyn.

When I finally got on the bus back to Washington, the fact that my home was in DC and not in New York almost didn’t feel real. After a few weeks out traveling, I normally long to get back to my apartment here, but even the prospect of being in my own place seemed a little empty after having shared a flat for a month with Tesse. However, now that I am back, I actually kind of like being here. Washington is really calm and clean compared to New York, and since I have lots of school and work to focus on right now, a more limited social and cultural scene is not necessarily a bad thing. And with lots of money left on my New York subway card and with one of my dresses still hanging in Jenny’s closet, it will probably not be too long before I go up there again. But before that, there are a couple (or possibly four) other trips on my agenda. More on that later…

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