Lazy Sunday

This has not been a very active Sunday and now when it is almost seven o’clock in the evening, I am trying to get everything done that I had planned to do today. And no, this is nothing unusual – I am quite lazy on Sundays. Yesterday, I had Patrick and my new neighbors Eva-Lena and Matt over for some wine and cheese. After quite a bit of wine and lots of cheese, we went to a club that Patrick had an invitation to. I have to admit that club visits are really rare for me these days and I don’t think I have been to one for over a year. It was fun but they played mostly electronic music, which is not really my thing, so we soon returned home. It was a really nice evening though.

Today, Martin and I bought pizza and rented a movie (Inglorious Bastards – crazy and typical Tarantino!), and had a relaxing afternoon. And now, I am trying to catch up on must-dos.

The next few weeks will be exciting. We are having so called sector weeks at my work, which means that colleagues from all over the world comes in for training and retreats. I have a number of courses and seminars to look forward to, in various topics related to the work I do. It is an amazing part of my work and I am really looking forward to it!

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