Invited Over for Dinner, in Kiev and Washington

I’ve probably written this before, but one of the things that surprised me a little after moving around for a few years is how many people that move with me. Or not really with me, of course, but that move to more or less the same places. As you know, both Elisa and Jenny, who have been up in New York during my years here in DC, are friends of mine from when I lived in Rome. At Jenny’s New Year’s dinner two weeks ago, I recognized one of the guests from a training in Sweden in 2006. And people come and go in Washington from and to countries that I travel to. When I was in Kyrgyzstan this summer, fir example, I had dinner with one of my dearest friends from my first months here in DC, who now lives there since a few years. And next month, my Macedonian colleague whom I’ve worked closely with for over four years and who has become more of a friend, is coming to work here for two months. So even though we move around, it seems like our paths still cross.

This weekend I was invited for dinner to a Swedish-Brittish couple that I knew when I lived in Moldova and they lived in Kiev. Our connection was work and our Swedish background, and every time I was in Kiev, they invited me over for dinner at their place. And now, after a three-year stay in another country, they moved to Washington and had me over for dinner again. It was very nice! When you move around a lot, it’s nice to know people who shares your experience in the places you lived earlier. Seeing them also triggered my FSU nostalgia. Fortunately, I picked up this page turner right before Christmas!


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