Do Creative People Take Vacation During the Month of March?

Seems like March is a blog dip. I was just surfing around among my friends’ blogs and with the exception of Almost Molovan Lars, they have all been terrible at writing this past month. And when I look in my archive, it was the same thing in March 2007. I did not manage to post a single text then either.


I blame visitors and a lot of work for taking up my blog time, but it is probably more the fact that spring refuses to really take off. I am sooooo tired of grey, windy, 12-centigrade weather! My energy level is record low and I find little inspiration to do anything creative.


I know, I am complaining about nothing.


Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am alive. Like I said, I have had a couple of visitors here since the last time I wrote, and I just came back after a weekend in New York. So photos to come!




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