Confused in a Spinning Environment

I am fully aware that my life is not exactly eventful. I work, go out now and then, exercise a bit but not nearly enough, do very little music and attend even fewer concerts. And so on. Yet, I am getting increasingly confused and I am loosing track of things these days. Like time. Thursday evening, Monika, Eva-Lena and I were out for dinner together and when trying to figure out when to meet up next (Monika recently got a new job for which she also travels a lot), I realized that I am going to Europe again this weekend. For some reason, I was convinced that I had another weekend in DC so I was really disappointed when I realized that I kind of missed one week. Especially since I have so many things to finsh before I leave! Fortunately, I got my calender straight before the weekend and not after, so at least I got a couple of things done on my days off.
Anyway, my two-week trip to Europe just increased to three weeks and I am not yet sure if I am going to one or two countries. But I guess I will find that out at some point. Anyway, I will do some really interesting things so I really look forward to it. Where I am going? Well, I guess you have to check out my blog again next week!   

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