A Ballet Being?

Last week, I finally dragged myself to a ballet studio here in DC and started taking ballet classes again. I have trained a bit at home since I moved here, but for different reasons, I haven’t gotten around to take classes. And now that I started, I can’t understand why I waited so long. I really LOVE dancing! Ever since I started doing ballet in my early teens, it has been the one form of exercising that I can’t get enough of and that I actually look forward to and that I practice also outside of class. My new teacher is great and it feels amazing being back in a studio with the barres, the mirrors, and the pianist, working through every muscle in the body while creating series of beautiful movements together with other dancers. And I am definitely not the oldest in the group. There are several grey haired men and women there who are well in their 60s. It really is a wonderful way to stay in shape!

I am currently taking classes at The Washington Ballet, but there are several schools with adult classes around DC.

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