10 Montenegrin Commandments

It is almost 10 pm and I am still working. Seems like too many things need to get done at the same time this week, though I am afraid that this is just a prediction of what the next couple of months will look like. Fortunately, as I wrote yesterday, everything I work with right now is really interesting and in periods when I do a lot of writing, it almost doesn’t feel like work. However, working more than ten hours per day is never good in the long run, even though it seems to be life for many here in the US.  When I was in Kotor, Montenegro, a few weeks ago, I found a postcard titled 10 Montenegrin Commandments, with the following text:

  1. Man was born tired and he lives to rest.
  2. Love your bed as you love yourself.
  3. Rest during the day, so that during the night you can sleep.
  4. Do not work, work kills!
  5. If you see someone resting, help him!
  6. Work less than you can, and what you can, give away to others
  7. In shade is salvation, nobody has died of rest.
  8. Work brings illness – don’t die young!
  9. If by chance you wish to work, sit still, wait, you see, it will pass.
  10. When you others eating and drinking, move closer. If you see them working, move away, don’t disturb them!

The text on the card was probably translated by google but you still get the idea. I have to say though that the Montenegrins that I work with don’t seem to live according to this as they are extremely hard working. But perhaps it is a good philosophy to take after, at least now and then?

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