Snow in DC

It finally snowed in DC. Jiiipppppeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful – Washington looked homey and cozy and the air was fresh. The funny thing, though, is that the Metropolitan Area seem to be completely paralyzed when it snows. Schools close and several of my colleagues had to stay home from work with their kids. My workplace (and apparently many other companies and work places around here) even have a “snowline” that we can call during harsh weather and check if we have the day off due to extreme weather conditions! (It was unfortunately not the case this week.)

It is not only us from Scandinavia and my colleagues from Eastern Europe and Central Asia that are smiling at this. President Obama has also made fun of Washington’s reaction to the snow and didn’t seem too impressed by the fact that his daughters’ school was closed. (It can be noted that this important comment was reported by both NBC Washington and Swedish SvD among others, and now also by me.) The seemingly quite tuff Washingtonians seem to have gotten a bit hurt by this. Haven’t really figured out the humor here, but I guess they don’t laugh at themselves too much.


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