Suspicion Confirmed

Right now, I am reading a Swedish novel that I inherited from Andreas when he left Moldova. It is called Rebell med frusna fötter (Rebel with Frozen Feet) and is about a girl that studies at the Stockholm School of Economics and her questioning of the system and the worshipping of the free markets and tough careers. The author, Johanna Nilsson, is the same age as me, and I remember when it came out a few years ago, though I never got around to read it. It is an OK book. I recognize quite a lot of what she writes about, and not only her thoughts and the descriptions of Stockholm’s environment, but also people. As in actual persons. Especially one character reminded me very much of a Swedish girl that until recently worked in another part of the organization where I work. Her education, background, and the description of her looks were too similar to those of my colleague to be just a coincidence. The more I read, the more convinced I got that it was her. And this morning, I looked through the book properly and found that the book was partly dedicated to her. And I agree that she is a very unique person, well worth being a character in a book! But Stockholm feels really small sometimes.

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