Studies, Studies, And More Studies

I know that I have been terrible at updating this blog lately, but my studies have taken over my life. More or less anyway. Last semester, I had so much work and other things going on that I didn’t manage to do that semester’s last class in Romanian, and so I am taking it now instead together with those that are studying full time. (I am studying Romanian part-time, at the University of Lund in Sweden.) I really like the course and it is nice to feel that I develop my language skills, but this means that I am doing that at the same time as I have the regular Romanian classes for this semester, and my Food Policy course. It probably sounds more than it is, because the Romanian course work is not that difficult. It is the introductory course and more a high school level than a university level course, but the assignments still have to be turned in each week. The Food Policy MSc program is of course only interesting, so I am really enjoying this. I am also old enough to make appropriate time for this and I therefore took two days off last week to have more time for my studies. But there is unfortunately little time (or at least little energy) for blogging.

In the meantime, have a look at one of the reasons why the topic of food policy is so important (though this one seems almost unreal to someone of my generation and country of origin):

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