My Books

So everyone who knows me knows that I have a thing for books, including a sort of relationship with those that I aquire. This means that I remember most that I possess. It might not seem that strange, but I have over 600 books only in my 25 m2 apartment in Stockholm, at least 100 in the US, and a few at our summer house. However, even though I know which ones I have, keeping track of where they are seems to be a little more difficult at times. Now since I was going through Stockholm before going to France, I had planned to pick up my €2, 700 pages paperback copy of The Three Musketeers in French. I could not think of any more appropriate reading for my summer holiday here in France. But no, of course I couldn’t find it! I looked and looked and looked around the apartment, but it was nowhere to be found. Now that I think about it, I probably have it at our summer house. Anyway, buying a new copy is of course not an option, so I am now reading Richard Yates’ “Young Hearts Crying” instead. Considering the first chapters of the book, you can probably expect a book review similar to the one that I wrote after having read Revolutionary Road! (And for you who haven’t read Yates yet – do! He gives good reminders of how easy comfort takes control over our lives and suppresses passion and dreams. Life is short and while it is easy to be convinced otherwise, really living is not what is promoted on TV.)


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