Leaving the Topic of Strawberries Behind Me and Looking Forward to New Books

Earlier today, I submitted my second and last assignment for this semester for my Food Policy MSc Program. The assignment was to write a food system governance analysis for a commodity and I chose to write about the strawberry sector. It was definitely a juicy topic but unfortunately,  I wasn’t very happy with my paper. A deadline is however a deadline, and I had no other choice but to submit it. I was asked by someone if I learned a lot and he then pointed out that if so, that should be what was most important with such assignment. It is true of course, but I can’t help feeling that I want to produce something readable too!

Anyway, it is very nice to have completed the second out of five semesters. What I now look forward to over the summer is reading. Not that I didn’t read this past semester, but reading whatever I choose, and not just assigned articles. Ironically, I just ordered three new books on the food sector from Amazon, which a girl in my program recommended a while ago: Julie Guthman’s Agrarian Dreams, Paul Robert’s The End of Food, and Upton Sinclair’s 1906 classic The Jungle. I can’t wait to start reading them! And then some novels! And my Romanian books! Not sure I will have time to work these next few weeks… But book reviews to come for sure over the next months.

By Swedish author and illustrator Elsa Beskow (1910)

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