Sunday Shopping at the Farmers’ Market

As I wrote yesterday, I’m trying to get into some new routines. Or habits, rather. A good thing with habits is that they are kind of effortless, or at least less of an effort than random chores or tasks. Habits become things you just do without really thinking about it, which allows energy to focus on my interesting things. According to getting things done-guru David Allen, it takes about two years to really make something a habit, so I don’t expect things to fall into place immediately. However, I have established some basic weelend routines these past two and a half years that by now have become habits, and that certainly have made my life easier. So I thought it was time for a few new and one is to go to Dupont Circle’s Farmers’ Market on Sundays. I know it doesn’t seem to be much of a chore, and really, it isn’t. But just as with everything else, it takes time and it’s outside my regular Sunday route. I also used to have a dance class on Sunday mornings, and I never managed to get to the market and back before 10 am when I had to leave for the class. (I’m quite happy that I’ve managed to be dressed and had breakfast by 10 am on Sundays!) But after the summer, the class was moved to noon, so there is no excuse anymore. And, admittedly, it’s a very pleasant routine. It’s so much more inspiring to do grocery shopping at an open market and in direct contact with the producers! And even though our farmers’ market is supposedly the most expensive in the metropolitan area, I still pay less than at Whole Foods for most fruits and vegetables, and even my eggs today. This morning, I was up really early and I therefore also had time for breakfast at the cafe next to the market. Having done this for a few weeks now, I can conclude that Sunday breakfast at a cafe and shopping at the farmers’ market won’t be too difficult to make into a habit!





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