Quick Update from Podgorica

I am out traveling again. Nowhere new I’m afraid, but nevertheless in one of my favorite countries – Montenegro. It is the first time I’m here this late in the fall, and it’s been raining beyond belief since we arrived on Tuesday. It even pored into the breakfast room one morning, but that’s another story. It is a very busy stay here this time, but since I work with agriculture, I still had a chance to go outside the city on Saturday to meet with several farmers. It rained almost all day and was quite cold, but it cleared up a bit while we visited a goat farm up in the mountains and we had a chance to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. My colleague told me that Montenegro is number 2 on Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries for Best Travel in 2013 and I am not surprised – I can really recommend a stay here (though perhaps not during the rainy season)! Here are some pics from my farm visits:




Visits to a goat farm and a dairy farm on  Saturday. Livestock is an important source of income in rural  Montenegro. 

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