Eggs in a New Package

I saw this in the egg section at Whole Foods the other day. Since there, for biological reasons, is a limited market for food, the way for the industry to earn money is to add value to products. This involves anything from washing, sorting, and packaging fruits and vegetables, to freeze drying mashed potato or  putting together highly processed energy bars. So the concept isn’t new, but I was still a bit surprised to see this product on the shelf. I have to admit that it’s quite creative in all its absurdity, though not exactly tempting to me personally. I’m wondering who the market is for hardboiled, peeled eggs in a vacuum sealed bag? Especially since they obviously target those that look for eggs from cage-free hens? It remains to see if this will become a standard feature in our supermarkets or if we consumers will still see the value in doing some of our own cooking.


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