In Cap and Gown

Except for L’s baptism, I also went to Europe for my graduation at City University in London. Graduating from university in Sweden isn’t what it is in for example the U.S. and a highly informal survey among my friends showed that only one of my friends in Sweden actually attended the graduation ceremony at the end of her studies. But with E and J in London, I had a good reason to go there and I thought it could be a fun to have worn the cap and gown now that I had the chance. And in the end, it was a really nice experience, also to see what a diverse school City University is and how it attracts students from all over the world. As I attended the ceremony, I realized that City University’s motto is To Serve Mankind, and I don’t think there is any school with a more perfect motto for me!

IMG_3281My degree was an MSc in Food and Nutrition Policy. I can highly recommend the program, which is led by truly inspiring Professor Tim Lang at City University’s Centre for Food Policy