Saturday Brunch with Patrick

I am just back from my weekly brunch with Patrick. He does yoga in my neighborhood Saturday mornings, so after his class, we meet up for brunch and discuss every aspect of life. Most of our brunches have been at this really odd neighborhood restaurant called Trio. It is kind of like a diner where they serve traditional American brunch, and a waitress comes by our table and refills our coffee on a regular basis. Its interior goes in purple and most of its staff seems to have been working there forever, which is kind of rare in the service industry here. It feels very genuine, but I am not sure how good this is for my figure… Regardless, it is definitely one of my favorite part of the weekend!

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  1. Jag har provat brunch i Stockholm två gånger i år. Helt klart inte överskattat. Lite dyrt, dock. 200-250 kr. Hur mycket kostar din brunch?

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