Really One Step Closer To A PhD!

I am in the middle of intensive studying since the deadline for my Food Policy assignment is on Monday. I actually took a day off today to just focus on the essay (I will work Monday instead which otherwise is a government holiday here in the U.S.) I am writing about private standards in the agri-food industry, and it is really interesting even though I am also stressed (as I always am when I am about to submit something). But this morning when I was having breakfast at Java House on Q Street at the same time as I was reading a research article on retail standards and smallholders in developing countries, it hit me that I am really one step closer towards my long-term dream of getting a PhD! The articles that I read and the essay that I write are on a topic that I will be able to use directly in my future dissertation, given the research that I would like to undertake. As is the next topic that we will write about on the Food Policy program, at least if I chose it wisely. Doing a PhD is something that I have thought about since I was in university, so it will really be a long-term dream coming true! Though for now, the first step is to submit the assignment on Monday. Any great goal has to be achieved through small steps – right?!

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