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Frumoasa Moldova – Beautiful Moldova


The last two weeks I have been on a few day trips around the country. This season is lovely: the fields are green and everything is blooming. The first trip was a hike along the river Rǎut to Orhei Vecchi. Whereas I had already been to the monastery in Orhei Vecchi, I had not seen the nature around. The landscape is shaped by the ocean; rocky, harsh and full of fossils. The areas around the river were completely untouched with no or houses in any directions. The only people we saw were a few shepherds with their cattle.


Spring2008_2 175



Spring2008_2 187


Another trip was to the wetlands outside of Hînceşti. The World Bank is financing an agricultural pollution control project there and we went with two very dedicated men from the unit implementing the project. The wetlands were beautiful and it was inspiring to listen to Mr. J and Mr. G talking about the project about their ideas for future work.


FieldTripWetlands 009


Last Friday, our whole office went on a retreat north of Bǎlţi. We went on a boat tour on the river Prut, which just like Orhei Vechii used to be under sea level and is full of caves and fossils. I think that this area is the most beautiful place I have seen in Moldova. We concluded the day with a bbq in one Moldova’s oldest forest in Padurea Domneasca.



The river Prut


Picture 018

Me, Iaroslav and Iuliana on the boat tour


June 2008 081

Our Country Office in one of the caves


Finally, just the other day, me and two of my colleagues Iuliana and Viorica were on an errand outside of Chisinau and found this wonderful field of poppies.



Me and Iuliana


More photos from these trips will be posted in the albums by the end of the day (my lunch break is over now so got to run..).

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  1. Hej! Va kul att få ta del av dina bilder från Moldavien. En glömd del av europa. Vackert landskap men tyvärr visas ju inte annat än fattigdom och elände från Moldavien och Rumänien.Fattigdomen och misären är ju stor i dessa länder.Men vad rikt det är på kultur och historia och landskapet är ju otrolit vackert. Ha dä så gött!

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