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My Last Week in Chisinau, Almost Anyway


This week was my last week in Chisinau. It feels so strange! And it has been a complete casino as you say in Italian. Since I have been more out of the country than not this past month, I have had little time to pack. So while I have tried to get increasingly involved in the Macedonia project and to assume the role that I am supposed to have there, and I have prepared for a project in Montenegro and a task I will do next week, I have cleaned out my office, packed up my little house, and said good bye to people. I wonder why things always end up like this for me? I guess I am a bit of a bad planner; should probably go a project management course just to organize my own life… In addition, everything that could possibly go wrong did and I have spent an enormous amount of time on things that should have been fairly quick.


Fortunately, the week has also been filled with nice events. Among other things, I went to Liliana’s on Tuesday and cooked cannelloni. We also tried the new red Cabernet Sauvignon from Equinox, which was super good which should have great potentials for making a success on the export markets. It was a nice evening; it is always very cosy to just hang out at Liliana’s place.


Okt 2008 001

Valeriu, Liliana and Doina in Liliana’s kitchen


Okt 2008 008

Doina, Liliana and I


Friday, my office arranged a farewell drink for me. It was nice and nostalgic at the same time. I have really enjoyed working there!


Okt 2008i 004


Okt 2008i 008


Okt 2008i 007


Okt 2008i 011


Okt 2008i 015


Okt 2008i 009


I am now in Montenegro and will during next week support a Ministry in writing a project document for an upcoming project. I have been a bit nervous about this assignment because I have never been involved in the writing of this type of document before, nor have ever I used it, and I have been unsure if I really have the appropriate technical skills to do it. But after meeting my colleague just now, with whom I will work, things feel more under control. I basically just arrived in Podgorica so I don’t have any impressions yet, but I will try to write more and post some photos in the next few days.


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