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A Tiring Ending of the Week

So it is 1 pm on Saturday and I am in the office since two hours, working on a report. Since I have put in 13-15 hours of work per day this week, I had hoped I would be done by now but it has taken longer than expected. When this one is done, there are two more to go, plus a number of reports that I need to comment on. What can I say, it is the end of the fiscal year… Am I the only one in our office today? Not exactly. Too many of my colleagues are here, including of course the team leader for the report that I am working on now. People sometimes seem to question the fact that we work so much, but I think that if you are not prepared to work hard and sacrifice certain things in your personal life (such as time to watch TV or Saturday afternoon shopping), you shouldn’t work for an International Organizations. It is not just any job, it is a job that comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties. There is only one thing though; the other day, my colleague told me that despite only sleeping about 6 hours per night, he is never tired. I wish I was more like that!

But it has not just been work this week. Yesterday, there was a big art event in one of the large exhibition halls in Chisinau, where most of Moldova’s most prominent artists showed their work. Apart from mingling a lot (there were mostly the diplomatic missions there) and drinking free wine, I actually bought my first painting ever. And tonight, I am invited to celebrate the Norwegian Independence Day (the independence from Sweden) at a colleagues’ house. But it will not be a late evening since I will for sure be here in the office tomorrow again.

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  1. Oj, många vuxenpoäng på att köpa tavlor sådär. Själv känner jag mig rätt mogen, som gått ifrån KamratPostens önskebilden :)Klart du ska ha långkallingar när det är kallt. Vill inte att Åsa ska frysa :)Kram

  2. Kan bara hålla med om det där med sömnen. Jag fattar inte att vissa kan fungera med 5-6 timmar/natt, jag blir så avundsjuk!Kul förresten att ha hittat fram till din blogg Åsa, BLOGG ON BABY!

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