Holiday Season Recap

As I indicated in my last blogpost, I have been more or less buried in studies for the past couple of weeks. I have however taken the time to enjoy some holiday festivities. I spent Thanksgiving with P’s family this year, and tried for the first time in my life macaroni and cheese, along with delicious turkey, sweet potatoes, and everything else that belongs to Thanksgiving. It was a really nice evening!

After that, St Lucia season started. I didn’t have time to participate in more than a couple of processions, but it was still great to get to sing the songs and I really enjoy performing with choirs, so I am happy I took the time to do this. (Though I am a bit old to be dressed in a white nightgown in front of an audience…) I also performed for what I think is the largest audience I have ever sang for, at the Swedish Christmas bazaar at House of Sweden, with about 2,000 people. I also brought P and A and they were delighted to support Swedish-American cultural relations!

One of the most memorable evening was however the lightning of the National Christmas Tree, down at the Ellipse behind the White House. A had managed to get tickets to the event, and besides lightening the tree, there were performances by artists like B. B. King and little Jackie Evancho. Best of all was however that the First Family was there, and that President Obama spoke. Michelle Obama also read a Christmas story which was very sweet and which everyone except I seemed to know from their childhoods. In short, it was a lovely evening!

The holiday season also included a couple of mulled wine-evenings (of which I organized one at my place), a specially arranged Christmas dinner at IKEA, and lots of indulgence in holiday food and sweets.

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