Finally some news… or maybe not.

Long overdue, I finally installed cable TV in my apartment the other day. I hesitated for a long time since I wasn’t convince that I would really get any value for money. Anyway, in the end, my craving for news from outside my immediate surrounding took over the cheap side of me and I ordered an expanded package with some European channels too, though BBC World was unfortunately not included. Yesterday evening, I was looking forward to getting updated on world news, and turned on the TV. And what is the topic on every channel this evening? David Letterman being blackmailed by a CBS producer for having had relationships with his co-workers. I understand if there might be enough public interest for it to deserve a minute or two of air on the news, but to analyze the topic on every news channel for hours??? Some of my best spent US$ 45 per months apparently…

 SvD, DN, Aftonbladet

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