Exhausted After A Relaxing Day

My region had its annual end of the fiscal year picnic today and we were all invited to some sports / golf park out in Virginia. (Kind of like these country clubs that rich people hang out in and sip drinks at in TV soaps) Everyone were invited to bring their families and they had prepared BBQ and other food, and beer, ice tea, and pink lemonade. (I made myself a lovely hamburger – there are no burgers like here in the U.S.!) Then there were games like football (i.e. soccer), volleyball, and tennis. And a pool. Guess were I ended up after lunch? It was wonderful to just hang out in the sun for a few hours with the only interruption of an occasional swim. It was also nice to hang out with my colleagues in a more informal context, though I always feel a bit weird to be dressed in bikini around my colleagues. And it is strange how tired one can be after doing nothing for over half a day. I guess it was all that exercise I got from cooling off in the pool now and then….

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