Travelling Again

I left DC yesterday evening and am now back in Europe for five weeks. It feels good! I am very European and Europe is still home. Am dead tired though after the flights. Am blogging from my hotel room in Sarajevo, while I really should get some work done… It is my first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I am really looking forward to getting to know the country. I am here to finalize some analytical work that we are doing on the impact on various domestic sectors from a potential future EU membership. (I am focusing on the agricultural sector of course.) Tomorrow, I am going on a trip to Trebinje to meet with farmers to hear their views on some of our findings so far. I am here for one week before going to (f.Y.R.) Macedonia and then Montenegro. And yes, I realize that going around the Western Balkan in June hardly seems like work.


After Montenegro, I am going to Stockholm and Rome for two weeks, visiting family and friends. So though I am celebrating midsummer in Podgorica this year, June will be a great month!

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