Three States in One Day

After Tybee Island, we had two days of driving through the South. It took an entire day to get through Georgia, or at least with our pace, but the next day we drove out of Georgia, through Alabama, and into Mississippi. To see as much as possible, we did a lot of driving off the highways, and passed through beautiful nature but also almost abandoned areas. It was actually a bit sad to see so many empty houses. Interesting was also to see how little agriculture there was in many places, even though there seemed to be little else to do and land was in abundance. In an age of foodprints, it ought be a topic for discussion why local production isn’t worth while even where unemployment is high.

Many urban areas also seemed to be in decline, though with reminders everywhere of their former glory. Broad esplanades and grandiose administrative and residential buildings decorated many towns, but with closed shops, few cars, and almost no people. And not only were entire blocks empty in some of the towns that we drove through, but we also learned that poverty rates are high, with almost half the population living below the national poverty line in certain places. But we had two very interesting days. Here are some pics from Georgia: the former cotton center Macon, where the biggest surprise was the excellent food at the local pub The Rookery, my cute little bedroom at the inn Thyme Away in LaGrange, and a cemetery outside the almost abandoned town Juliette.








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