Savannah and Georgia’s Beaches

Savannah was the next stop on our trip. It’s a very pretty city, nicely planned with a series of small parks in very neighborhood throughout downtown Savannah. We walked around quite a bit and also took guided tour on a trolley but I have to say that I never really got an impression of modern Savannah. Perhaps it’s because we were there on a Sunday, but I think I saw more tourists than residents. It felt more like a museum town that was working very hard to preserve its past than a 21st century city. Nevertheless, we had a nice day and I am happy to have been there.

After Savannah, we drove out to Tybee Island and spent the rest of the day on the beach. The beaches were very nice and there weren’t so much people there, so we had a very relaxing afternoon.

A few pics: I think my favorite part of Savannah was the small parks in every block.





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