My Favorite Hotel

I know I already wrote about this hotel on this blog but the Best Western in Podgorica really is my favorite hotel of all the ones I have stayed at when traveling through work. It is not that it is the most fancy hotel and unfortunately they don’t have a gym, but the service is great and they pay attention to small details which really make the difference. Like fruits and candy in the lobby, cappuccino and caffe latte for breakfast at no extra charge, a small library that the guests can borrow books from during their stay, a lovely outdoor cafe for lunch and coffee breaks, good international news channels, and so on. This time, the regular rooms were fully booked by the time I made my reservation so I got a room in the attic right under the roof. As you can see, the room is really cute and cosy and I can see the stars through the skylight when I go to sleep!

2 Thoughts.

  1. Haha, jag gillar verkligen att du tycker hotellets enda nackdel är att det saknar gym… tänk att vi båda har börjat bli träningsmänniskor (allt är ju ändå relativt ;))

  2. Ja jag vet!! Om jag inte har rört på mig ombytt vid minst 3 tillfällen på en vecka så känns det som inte har tränat på evigheter – jag tror det klassificeras som att motionera regelbundet enligt Folkhälsoinstitutet!? Och inte nog med det: jag har dessutom FLERA uppsättningar träningskläder! Dock inget maratonlopp på gång ännu….

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